Julien your instructor Answers the top 5 questions about surfing in Sri Lanka:

What is the best time to surf in Sri Lanka? “From December to March the wind is perfectly offshore on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Moreover it is the dry season with very sunny days. The swell is smaller at this time and therefore allows easy access to all spots (reef like beach break). ”

Is it easy to find surfing material? “Every year it’s easier to find quality equipment. In Sri Lanka, on the other hand, it is rather expensive to buy and repair. We therefore provide all the material for our customers. This is specially imported quality material. In addition we ensure the material, so in case of breakage, our customers have no surprises.

What clothes to wear in surf?” The temperature of the water is hot. You will not need neoprene, or small top in 1.5 mm for the chilly or tropicalized like me. For women, no problem, swimsuits have become democratized in Sri Lanka. On the other hand out of respect for the local culture, it is better to cover oneself once again on the public road. ”

How to transport your surf? “Surf racks on motorcycles are forbidden. Some ride with their boards under their arms. Personally I find it too dangerous. We opt for the Tuk Tuk. This famous three wheel is perfect for boarding surfers and boards to explore new spot. We offer a free pick up service then your accommodation. This will save you long minutes of trading.

Is it easy to stay close to surf spots? “The housing supply in Sri Lanka is expanding. From the luxury villa to the small homestay you will find something to stay with no problem. Between Koggola and Matara it is a coastal road so sometimes that says ocean view means noisy traffic or noise waves. I opted for a home located a few hundred inland and enjoys a unique view of a lake. I am on the first surf spot in 2 minutes in tuk tuk or 10 minutes on foot. “

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